“If Someone Talks, It Gets Lighter”

Sigmund Freud was born on May 6, 1856. He is considered one of the great original thinkers who have altered and expanded our view of ourselves as human beings. Over the years, his name became a household word. His thinking became integral part of our popular culture and his concepts are thrown in cocktail parties and in the popular press.¬†Though some of his ideas have remained controversial, many of his groundbreaking theories about the complex nature of the human mind and the unique power of the psychotherapeutic process, not only remain undisputed but, they have been tremendously supported over the years by modern medical research, neurology, as well as studies of infant and child development. Many psychological and psychotherapeutic traditions have since evolved but, Freud’s original thinking remains fundamental to the field of psychotherapy, psychoeducation and child development.¬†As we commemorate Freud’s legacy in May, which is a Mental Health Awareness Month, I am going to focus on one of Frued’s monumental concepts: The Unconscious Mind.

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